Wo Ai Ni

In the “30 things to do before your 30’s”, I always wanted to skip things like – Solo Travel/Living Alone. However, with few years remaining, I made it all before reaching my 30’s. Exactly 7 days ago, I crossed the immigration of my country to start my masters in China. Well… I am tired of the question, “Why China? Why not North America/Europe/Australia/Other Asian Countries!”. I will probably write an essay on it later. For now, let’s focus on my first solo travel. 😀

I had transit at Guangzhou on my way to Wuhan city, capital of Hubei Province. I always traveled with my family, or least, my sister. But, this was a legit solo travel. I reached Guangzhou at 7 am – ish time and my domestic flight was on 11 am. It took an hour to cross the immigration and at 8 I was sitting in-front of the boarding gate. Luckily, a Starbucks was just in the opposite of my waiting corner. I went there to grab some breakfast, bought a sandwich and coffee, and came back to seat and eat alone. “Alone” – I don’t know if there was any other word in the dictionary which could scare me like that before. But now, it’s different. I am trying to be alone, maybe because I have realized the importance of it. So… when I was having my coffee, a kid came to sit two seats away in my row. With cute little ponytails she stole my heart at the first glance. I kept my coffee beside, and started taking her pictures. She was eating something and her mother took out a small date alike fruit from the packet, probably the same thing the kid was having, and said something in Chinese to her daughter. I know that Chinese people are sensitive about their kids, so I thought maybe they will go away, as I was taking pictures. To my utter surprise, the baby came to me, handed me the fruit and said “Wo Ai Ni”. I have visited China before. Being surrounded by known Chinese people only, I didn’t have to face any language barrier. This was the first Chinese sentence I heard in my life, which was delivered not to teach me but as a message. I was confused and immediately googled the meaning. In China Google is banned, so I had to use my VPN of course. Being in the country of Great Firewall, which was once upon a time a country of Great Wall, I didn’t expect this sentence as my welcome message.

I decided to move to another city because I wanted to break the shackles of love, care and security. I wanted to be on my own, not loved, but what did this kid just say to me! With all the wonders of this earth, I took the fruit from her, and re-opened my phone to see the meaning of the sentence once again, “I love You”.